Begin packing at least one week prior to your move

2-4 weeks or as soon as you know the date you would like to move, call your chosen LICENSED & INSURED moving company to book your move.

Get more boxes than you need, Any unused boxes we will buy back from you for full price. We will also buy up to 30 used boxes back for half price.

Small pictures should be packed, while larger pictures should be packed by the professional movers.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms into the same box.

Packing paper is your best friend during a self-pack. You can never use enough packing paper.

Always stack dishes upwards when packing, and avoid breakage by using custom-designed boxes. It’s also a good idea to avoid wrapping china in newsprint; the ink can stain your dishes.

Label the boxes with red or black marker to strongly distinguish what’s inside. This will make it easier for you to unpack the boxes and know exactly what goes to where. Remember to mark boxes with fragile items as FRAGILE. It is important as we will note to keep these boxes on top of the load inside the truck.

Small valuables should be taken with you in a personal bag.

Use small 1.5 cubic boxes to pack boxes in. Book boxes add to weight quickly, be sure to pack these thoroughly and fill all space

Use Wardrobe boxes to pack your closet items, You can leave your items hanging and on the hanger and transfer them directly to a wardrobe box.

Pack your boxes all the way to the top, this makes it easier for us to load the truck more efficiently.

As you disassemble your large items be sure to tape/ shrink wrap the screws, and bolts to the main base.