Moving to a new home can be hard and stressful. But by following certain things, you can achieve easy and happier moving experience.

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So we are hereby sharing some useful tips which you should remember and follow during your moving. These will help you have an easy and smooth moving experience while relocating to your new home.

1. Start early

You should start packing and planning early for your move. Try to start planning at least a month in advance. This will help you avoid the panicked crunch the week before your move.

2. Schedule disconnect times

Call your internet, cable, internet and gas providers at least a week before your move to make out when you need to shut everything off. Make sure you have enough time in your schedule to collect any necessary items like remotes, cable boxes or cords which you may need to return back to the providers.

3. Change your address a week before the move

You should change your address ahead of time, so your credit card statements, packages and bills can arrive on time and without hassle at your new home.

4. Research professional moving companies

Before hiring a particular moving company Los Angeles, try to find out the professional and reputed moving companies operating in your area. You can find them on Google and Yelp. Spend some time on reading what the customers have to say about them. After analyzing the customer reviews, you can opt for a particular moving service. The one you should opt for should best suit your needs. Before hiring the company, read about the services provided by it, its refund or damage policies and other relevant information about it on its website.

5. Create a master to-do list

When you have to move to a new place, you have a huge number of things to do and remember. You have to ensure that all these tasks and important reminders do not slip away from your mind. So it is better to list them down on a piece of paper.

6. Get rid of unused and unnecessary things

Find out the things which you no longer require and get rid of them by donating or selling them. This will reduce the stuff that you have to pack up and organize.

7. Pack decorative items a few weeks before your move

You should pack up all your art and decorative items several weeks before your moving day. As these items are fragile and often oddly shaped, so packing them is difficult. For this reason, try to have some extra time to make out how to properly cushion them.

8. Label your boxes

To find the items easily at your new home, you should label all your packed boxes in an accurate and clear manner.

9. Use small boxes for packing heavy items

You should keep the heavier items in small boxes and put light things like towels, linens, and pillows in large boxes.

10. Take pictures of your electronic appliances

Before packing your electronic devices, click a few pictures of their back where cords are attached. This will make it easier for you to set up your monitor, TV, etc. at your new home.

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