Moving Services

G&G Secure Transport moving services are to make your move as simple and stress free as can be. Moving can be a stressful time for some, but by following our moving guidelines our customers have expressed how easy of a process it can become. We provide moving services throughout Los Angeles County, including apartments, single-family homes, retirement communities, dorms, condos, and any other homes too! All pieces of furniture are padded and plastic wrapped, ensuring your items and home are damage-free at the end of your move.

House, Apartment or Condo, Dorm, you get it…

We move homes, apartments, condominiums and everything in between – from the smallest studio to the largest home. Our movers can re-arrange furniture from one room to another, or pick up & move your entire home, apartment or condominium. Your furniture will be wrapped and padded to ensure safe delivery.

Whatever services your move may include, such as moving pianos, antiques, art, delicate items, hoisting or difficult access, we can do it safely. We can provide boxes & packing materials for self-packing, or we can do it for you. G&G Secure Transport wants to provide you with affordable and convenient options for a stress-free experience.

Art & Antiques. We move it!

Art and Antiques have both a personal and financial value, and we are dedicated to moving them safely. Our Art specialists and experienced Art handlers determine rather to use crates or custom boxes to provide the safest move possible. Additional insurance available upon request.

Office Moves. We Do it!

Moving a business of any size is an art of its own. There are tons of moving components throughout the day and night of an office building, thankfully we have been doing large and small office moves for over 30 years! We have moved offices in Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Mid-Wilshire District, Larchmont Village, Playa Del Ray, Marina Del Ray and many other Los Angeles County locations.

We are fully insured to satisfy building requirements. Also, we provide floor covering, work weekends or after hours, and provide and deliver packing materials upon request. Our company understands that one of the most important aspects of conducting a profitable business is keeping your doors open and your employees working. We are here to help, Let’s Move!

Recycle & Donate, Lets all do our part.

Everyone in Los Angeles has a role in keeping our streets clean and alley ways clear of old couches sitting for weeks and months at a time. At G&G our recycle & donation service allows our customers to efficiently get rid of their unwanted belongings. During a move, you may come across items that cannot or would not be reused but can be recycled. Recycle items can include cardboard boxes from your move, computers, or television screens. At other times, there are items that can be donated for reuse such as tables, good blankets, chairs, even clothes that are in good/fair or above condition.