• 5 star ratingGeorg and Caylin Rock! They moved 1,300 pounds of household furniture for me up and down two flights of stairs... read more

    Philippe B. Avatar Philippe B.

    5 star ratingGeorg and Caylin Rock! They moved 1,300 pounds of household furniture for me up and down two flights of stairs... read more

    Philippe B. Avatar Philippe B.

    5 star ratingThis was my first time working with G&G Transport and they were incredible! I put out a quote request on... read more

    R N. Avatar R N.
  • 5 star ratingG&G Secure Transport is definitely family now. I've had multiple years of changing apartments, year after year,  and every year... read more

    Johanny D. Avatar Johanny D.

    5 star ratingG&G Secure Transport is definitely family now. I've had multiple years of changing apartments, year after year,  and every year... read more

    Johanny D. Avatar Johanny D.
  • I moved with G & G Secure transport a couple of months back from LA to Orange County and they were fantastic. Speaking to customer service representatives Caylin was a rather pleasant experience. If I ever move again, I plan to move with them again.

    Dinesh Sasane Avatar Dinesh Sasane

    G & G Transport were extremely efficient and took very good care of my office furniture, wrapping everything ahead of time. Kym's team was very methodical with the move. Will definitely use them again.

    Alicia Reeves Avatar Alicia Reeves

    G & G Secure Transport were amazing. Oscar’s team was very professional and friendly from the start. They were very careful in the dismantling and rebuilding of my furniture, going above and beyond what I expected. And they were fast, my whole moving process took less than 3 hours, not including travel time, G & G’s Customer service was extraordinary, with a follow up phone call to make sure my movers were to my expectations. I would use G & G’s crew again in the future, and recommend them to anyone who wants a pleasant and stress-free moving experience.

    Carrie Penney Avatar Carrie Penney

    BEST MOVING company in Los Angeles! G & G transport are extremely professional, very easy to get along with, and do not waste a second on packing and moving. Special shout out to our moving specialist, Chris, who was by our side from the beginning of the process and was very accommodating with our requests. You definitely will not go wrong with them.

    Brenda Bley Avatar Brenda Bley
  • This is my first house move and I must say thus far the experience has been great. Lenny, George and Chris were efficient and professional ensuring my items were removed from storage and loaded to the truck properly. They provided detailed information regarding the process and what to expect.Everything is delivered safely. Thanks G & G Secure Transport.

    Ashlyn Sicilian Avatar Ashlyn Sicilian

    My family just moved from Bellflower to Burbank, and G & G Secure transport did an amazing job with the move from start to finish. The crew packed everything up quickly and carefully under the supervision of Chris who was so thoughtful and professional. Jay did a wonderful job unpacking everything carefully without scratching any of furniture or our new home. He helped us figure out where to put furniture pieces and assembled everything with great care. We are so thankful to all of them.

    Angela Raisin Avatar Angela Raisin

    Awesome moving service in Los Angeles. Very good customer service with prompt response. Highly recommended and will use them again. The most professional movers I've ever had. These guys had a great rate and made me feel at ease. I definitely would use them again! Thanks G & G.

    Amy Watson Avatar Amy Watson

    When it comes to moving service and making sure the customer is happy, these guys are the best. After speaking with them about some fragile equipment that I needed moving they assured me that everything would be handled gently and taken care of in transit. They do the packing and crating perfectly. Everything arrived in great shape and in a timely manner. If you need a moving company that actually cares about the customer for a chance then call G & G Secure Transport. You could not go wrong.

    Bill Otovic Avatar Bill Otovic
  • I've hired their moving services twice and I must say they're the most cost efficient and reliable moving company in Los Angeles area. They were able to move me within the given estimated time with no issues or damage to any of my belongings. I just wanted to say thank you for the crew you sent me ( Nathan and Oscar ). They made the moving process so easy and as least stressful as possible. They were on-time, professional, and didn't damage anything. They did a great job and I wanted to let you know what a good team you have.

    Alfinie Bullock Avatar Alfinie Bullock

    This company provided a great service. I was recommended to them by a family member who had used them and it was a great decision. All of my stuff arrived quickly and safely and the staff were friendly and professional.

    Lan Samaniego Avatar Lan Samaniego

    The guys were cheerful and positive despite the obstacles they were up against; admittedly, it was a thankless job. The crew just came in and went to work! No complaints. They were great.

    Eliseo Goldie Avatar Eliseo Goldie

    Used the service Two days ago. I would like to say that it was a perfect experience.

    Smooth confirmation and deposit process.

    They called 10 minutes before the time we agreed to confirm the address and showed up in time.

    Really professional, 1 bedroom apartment moved in 3 1/2 hours, they just do what they have to do, no time wasted.

    No damages, no hidden fees, and amazing people!!

    I would use this service again without any doubt.

    Thank you!!!

    Vesta Brocato Avatar Vesta Brocato
  • G and G Secure Transport took me under their metaphorical wing and carried me to another state. Their movers were some of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and I couldn’t have asked for nicer people to move my things.

    Xenia Fiecke Avatar Xenia Fiecke

    Other companies have strict guidelines for exact moving specifications and make it hard to find a company that can actually do it all. G and G Secure Transport was the one I stumbled on that made everything clear and easy to follow for a first time state to state mover like myself.

    Margret Ivester Avatar Margret Ivester

    I hired G&G Secure Transport to hope my move and the team was excellent. They made the move as stress-free as possible. They took extra care to wrap up my items and make sure they packed the truck so nothing was damaged. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to move in the area. Five stars!

    Caridad Grajeda Avatar Caridad Grajeda

    Some of the space we saved for the truck to park it was taken, but the driver was still able to park! Very skilled!

    Also, our box spring wouldn't fit down our stairs, so the guys made a rope system to gently lower the box spring from our 4th-floor apartment!


    Junita Pellerin Avatar Junita Pellerin
  • The move went really well! G and G his crew were incredibly professional, getting things moved incredibly quickly and efficiently. Nothing was damaged, the quote was the lowest I had seen, and they even started a half hour early.

    Francesco Galli Avatar Francesco Galli

    Early to start. Professional and well staffed to handle the move. Quick and easy, will consider services again in future. Thanks!!!

    Rhea Rascoe Avatar Rhea Rascoe

    I had a wonderful experience with this company straightforward quote!! efficiently picked up my cars and delivered on time. Definitely will recommend this company.

    Clay Portman Avatar Clay Portman

    G&G Secure Transport is the best moving company I've ever used. As a family of six, we've moved a lot of kids to and from college and apartment to apartment. I will only use them for all other future moves.

    Kati Aman Avatar Kati Aman
  • These guys are the best movers! All their guys wrap and moved our furniture like it was nothing, they even found a way to get our big couches out of the rooms without making any marks on the wall. They were super careful. Ive recommended them to people before and ill still do it, i asked them for a quote on yelp and they made it super easy, one of their reps called me and set up my move. They took our televisions off of walls, safely packed our Artwork. My roommate is an Artist and he was even surprised at how well they packed the art and how careful they were with everything. Like i said, these guys are the best. If your moving, call G&G.

    Shawn McGill Avatar Shawn McGill

    Great customer service, fast and detailed movers, great price compared to any other company I called, and nothing got broken. This was my best and easiest moving experience to date.

    Lai Cesare Avatar Lai Cesare

    Great moving company! My friend was moving from Los Angeles and they made the move so much less stressful! They were very careful with all of her belongings and got everything done in time. Def would recommend this company to everyone!

    Johnna Wait Avatar Johnna Wait

    Best storage services in town. No hidden fees, Great price and they do a photo inventory of your items so you always know what you have in storage.

    Diego Chumley Avatar Diego Chumley
  • Excellent work. The team of three worked very hard, efficiently and appreciated there timeliness and work ethic. Thank you.

    Izola Braden Avatar Izola Braden

    Thank you for a great day of moving. The price was very reasonable considering all the stops we had to make. I will definitely use this company again.

    Karin Fontanilla Avatar Karin Fontanilla

    These guys did a great job getting us moved in a day. Even with the heavy and bulky items they made adjustments and accommodated us.

    Rosalinda Almanzar Avatar Rosalinda Almanzar

    I have been very happy with the service and customer care. I have been using them for several years and would highly recommend these movers to anyone for any shipping needs. Thank you very much!

    Loni Swinney Avatar Loni Swinney
  • Before the move, great communication with scheduling. Very impressed with their wrapping of furniture and extremely efficient move. They also were very professional. It was perfect.

    I would whole hearty recommend G&G Secure Transport to anyone!

    Jamie Koval Avatar Jamie Koval

    The guys were very respctful, friendly, hard working from the minute of arrival, and very efficient. They covered our front doors and even the corners of the walls to protect them.Very impressed and glad I chose them

    Ethelene Pinette Avatar Ethelene Pinette

    I had a couple of quotes around LA and these guys were the quickest to respond and worked with my budget. On moving day, they came 15 mins before our scheduled time and got right to work. When they got to the new place, they made sure that all my furniture was in the location I wanted before they left. I was seriously amazed by their quality of service. I highly recommend G&G for anyone that is moving.

    Jeanine Mapp Avatar Jeanine Mapp

    Our move was very smooth thanks to G&G Secure Transport. They were highly efficient and very pleasant to work with. Having a baby, we were dreading the move but thanks to the G&G Secure Transport team for making it as enjoyable as it could get!

    Claudine Valletta Avatar Claudine Valletta
  • Showed up on time, secured everything nicely and got the job done in reasonable time. They had wardrobe boxes available and that was a big help. Very professional and I would recommend them to anyone.

    Joellen Hoobler Avatar Joellen Hoobler

    Choosing G&G Secure Transport for my move was THE best choice I made throughout the entire process. They were efficient, fast, and as careful as they can be. They were punctual. I don't know what I would have done without them. I would definitely recommend G&G Secure Transport to any of my family or friends. Thank you so much G&G Secure Transport for your professionalism and services!

    Ludivina Okelly Avatar Ludivina Okelly

    Wow! What a great experience with my move because of G and his crew! They were on time, did the move in less time than expected and the total was on the low end of my quote! Super friendly guys and very efficient. I will def be using them for my next move!

    Octavia Jesus Avatar Octavia Jesus

    Great experience. They gave me a super competitive/comprehensive quote in response to a form I filled out on their website. I really love that 3% discount for senior citizens, that helped a lot! I especially appreciated the positive and calming attitude from the movers. Thanks so much for making my moving experience as pain-free as possible.

    Lindow Jenice Avatar Lindow Jenice
  • I am recommending this company to anyone I know is moving. They were on time and well prepared. A great example for others to follow.

    Donny Bejarano Avatar Donny Bejarano

    Professional, friendly and had a soft touch on all of my fragile items.. A+ would use again!

    Whitley Vicario Avatar Whitley Vicario

    Very nice and helpful company! Fast, friend, professional! They help me move and carry heavy things and were very helpful!

    Dawn Chew Avatar Dawn Chew

    I will recommend these guys to all thats looking for a top quality moving company.

    Sophie Langone Avatar Sophie Langone