5 Tips to Find The Best Residential Movers in Los Angeles

5 Tips to Find The Best Residential Movers in Los Angeles

With an array of local & long-distance moving companies available, finding the best residential movers in Los Angeles can become time-consuming and overwhelming for homeowners.

We are sharing some useful tips that are sure to help to find the best moving company.

Vet the Moving company

Check the moving companies’ websites and vet them. The best moving companies are transparent, explaining their business and how they operate. Call the office and ask any questions you may have. Local Moves are charged hourly while long distance moves will vary based on weight and distance. Be sure you are comfortable with the moving company you choose.

Licensed and insured moving companies

Hiring a moving company that is not properly licensed and insured, can put your goods at a risk. You can find out whether the moving company you are planning to hire is licensed or not by checking its homepage and about us section. Companies that are properly Licensed and insured will advertise it on their website. You can also call and ask the company about its insurance coverages.

What Services Do They Offer?

Before choosing a particular moving company, you should know the range of moving services they provide. Call and speak with a company rep, make sure they have experience moving the types of items you are planning to move. Moving Artwork, fragile items, sculptures, large electronics, piano’s and other instruments require experience.

Check Their Reviews & Make Sure They Service Your Area

Read the company reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp. Doing this will usually tell a lot about the company. Making sure that they typically service your area will save you money.


Carefully analyze the moving company’s your vet. When it’s time to decide, be sure all of your questions are answered and there is good communication. The residential movers in Los Angeles you choose should make you feel comfortable right from the beginning.

G&G Secure Transport in Los Angeles is an excellent option for residential & commercial moving and storage. They are a local and long-distance moving company, with over 35 years of experience. They are insured and properly licensed. Skilled in moving household items, office goods, fragile items, artwork, fine art, antiques, pianos and much more.

Top Considerations When Moving With Children

Top Considerations When Moving With Children

When planning for a move, parents have a long list of responsibilities, which can cause them fatigue and make them feel stressed. With so much to take care of, parents may overlook what their children might actually be going through. Here are a few suggestions G&G Secure Transport, LLC would like to share with you to help you make this transition easier for your child/children.

Change does not come easily to some, especially children. Moving can impact children in different ways than adults, they may have to go to a new school or have new kids around him/her that are interested in different things. They may not show signs immediately of stress or even at all for that matter, but if they do be sure to communicate with them to find out what is going on.

Here are some worries and emotions which your children could experience during a move:

• They may feel insecure or scared of making new friends or being accepted/ liked at their new school.

• Changing teachers and teaching style can be difficult.

• If you are moving from the child’s first home, he/she will have a sort of attachment to it.

• They may have additional anxiety if the move is due to a life-changing event like a divorce, change-of-job for a parent, or financial changes in a family.

More often than adults, children will hide their concerns, fears, anxiety or even depression, as they themselves are not aware of their underlying emotions or they do not want to put a burden on their parents.

So what do you need to do as a parent to ensure your children faces less stress during the move?

• Encourage them to talk about their feelings and concerns. Arrange a special dinner for your children with their favorite foods where you can have a family discussion. This will give them the opportunity to bring out their feelings in the most comfortable way.

• Let the kids plan with you. As an example, you can find classes or sports near your new home. Plus, kids can be pretty creative, they might have a good idea or two to help you with your move. You can take them to the new house or show them pictures of the new house and ask them how they would like to decorate it.

• Help your children make friends, take them on walks around your new neighborhood.

• Set up play dates with the parents in your child’s classes/ school.

Moving Day

• You can have your children stay with a family member or a trusted good friend on the day of move if he/she is local. This will keep your children safe and happily engaged.

• Prepare enough food and set aside drinks. Make enough food for the day and store it in a cooler. The kids will have a place to grab food and drinks all day without causing a mess.

• Young children like to take a nap or relax during the day. Especially moving day when so much is and their favorite stuffed animal out for them to cuddle with.

• Keep children away from moving equipment on the day of the move. Dollies and 4 wheelers are not toys. Keep an eye on your children throughout the day to make sure they are where they should be

We hope you find the above list useful for keeping your children happy, entertained and engaged during your move.

G&G Secure Transport is one of the most popular and most trusted Residential Movers in Los Angeles. Providing the best moving services to homeowners in the Los Angeles County. They also provide quality moving services for small and large business’.